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Joining the Gaiscioch Magazine Team

Thank you for expressing your desire to join the Gaiscioch Magazine Team. To join the team you must have an active account. This will link all of your magazine articles to your account and allow you to earn Lore points for your work with the magazine. These points will contribute toward your Vault Credits, which can be used to buy new games in our Game Vault.

Before we get started with account setup we want to make sure you agree to the terms below. Please click each checkbox and then click "I Accept" to proceed to the account creation form.

  • I understand this is a Volunteer position
    Gaiscioch Magazine is run entirely on No-Income. There is no financial gain in our magazine. All of the ad's within the publication are complementary to those who have helped us along the way. This is a free publication that is built entirely by volunteers for gamers and game developers.
  • I will treat all content as if it were under a strict NDA.
    Gaiscioch Magazine gains exclusive access behind the scenes to content that has been embargoed by the game development studio. We are not allowed to discuss this content until a set date. It is very important that all members of the Gaiscioch Magazine team according to the NDA Guidelines. You should not talk, share, or even hint at topics discussed within this team.
  • I won't write about games that I don't like.
    Unlike paid publications, Gaiscioch Magazine does not have to write about games we do not enjoy. We encourage all of our writers to focus on things they are passionate about. We don't want to "force" someone to stomach a game they simply don't enjoy. Being nobody is being paid for this, we don't want to waste our writers and editors time on bad games.
  • I can write for other publications & sites
    While we do not allow members to publish their Gaiscioch Magazine articles anywhere else, we do allow them to write and work for other publications at the same time. This is a hobby publication and we do not expect you to be exclusive to our publication. We appreciate all the support you are willing to lend.
  • I will only submit my own original work
    We have to be 100% certain that all content within Gaiscioch Magazine is original and not copied from another source. Plagiarism is very bad, especially online and for a hobby publication. Any attempt to plagiarize will be grounds for immediate removal from the team.
  • I understand I can use my strengths to help the team.
    Gaiscioch Magazine is comprised of artists, teachers, story writers, and people of all backgrounds. We each bring our experience to the table and use our strengths to benefit the team. Any participating member can take on various roles as they desire. If a person who previously was a writer decides they would like to help edit, they can become an editor at any time. This is a collaborative project and we all wear many hats.