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Events & Activities

Once you have joined a Social Adventure you'll be able to start leading events and claiming participation in the adventure to earn Social Points. These points go toward your overall Family Honor Points and also convert into Family Vault Credits which can be used to buy items & materials in any current of future chapter, buy full games from the loot vault, or even save up to purchase real world loot.

Leading an Event or Activity

You have several ways that you can organize an adventure. You can use the Event system to create a scheduled event or you can just run it as a pickup event. Once you begin your event you will go to the Leadership console and click GSCH Adventure. This will bring you to the Leadership Console for GSCH Adventures. Select your game from the Games drop-down or choose Open Adventure. Next set your event name (a short description of your activity) and click begin. You will be given a 6 digit code which will expire 7 days after it was created. You will want to copy and paste the quick chat text into your party window or pass the 6 digit code to your participants. They will use this code to claim participation for the activity. Next just claim the amount of time you spent on the adventure and click End Event.

Scoring is based on time and participants. Here's the breakdown of how points are awarded.

  • 2 Players (2 Less than Requirement): 25% Point Value. 10 Social Points Per Hour
  • 3 Players (1 Less than Requirement): 50% Point Value. 20 Social Points Per Hour
  • 4-9 Players (Base Requirement): 100% Point Value: 40 Social Points Per Hour
  • 10-19 Players (Bonus Tier 1): 125% Point Value: 50 Social Points Per Hour
  • 20-50 Players (Bonus Tier 2): 150% Point Value: 60 Social Points Per Hour
  • 50+ Players (Bonus Tier 3): 200% Point Value: 80 Social Points Per Hour

Remember: Unless 2 or more people claim your event within 7 days your event will be removed.

Participating in an Adventure

For each activity you participate in, you will need to visit the event page and click "Claim" on the objectives you participated in. Once 2 members have claimed the event and 7 days has passed the points will be awarded to your account. Activities that were not claimed by at least 2 people after 7 days will be removed and no points will be awarded.

Level Up In GSCH Adventures

One of the fun bonuses to GSCH Adventures is the ability to gain levels in each game you play. These levels unlock new cosmetic titles and badges you can display with pride on your profile.