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Black Desert Online

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Mar. 03rd, 2016 Meagh Fantasy MMORPG Official Website
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Black Desert Online
Level: 10 | Type: Social Adventure | Members: 5 / 199

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Be sure to join us in Discord for Voice Communication on PC/MAC/Android/iOS by going to: 

If you need an invite to Relic check out our guild info here in the Tavern  and contact Meaghs via discord.

Please read: Black Desert GSCH Social Adventure Overview for information about this Social Adventure


Warparties are various groups currently playing Black Desert Online that have formed up on various servers, factions, and platforms. Be sure to join up with the one that fits your playstyle and platform.

Warparty Name Leader Server Faction Platform Focus Active Members
 Relic Meagh PC NA PvX 1
 Teaglach Jace PC End Game Content, PvP & Siege War 3