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Chemical Engineer LFW

Ban Lorgaire
Ban Lorgaire
Posted On: 07/04/2017 at 08:55 AM
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Hi there,

My husband has been searching for employment nationwide in the US, but has been having trouble finding a position. I'm honestly not sure why. He has a BS in chemical engineering and 8 years experience. His specialty is with water treatment and petrochemicals, though he's more than willing to branch out into other aspects of chemical engineering. He also has experience in technical sales. The problem is that all of his experience and education has been in Mexico. Now that we've moved here to the US and he's acquired his green card, he's having some trouble finding a company to call home, so to speak. He also speaks English and Spanish fluently and is conversational in Japanese.

Here is his LinkedIn profile if anyone is interested in taking a look:


Even if you don't have a job to offer, but have some advice for finding employment for him or improving his resume, we would love to hear it. Thanks in advance!




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