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New to trying ESO

Ban Lorgaire de na Capall
Ban Lorgaire de na Capall
  • GW2: nytewyndtx.5482
  • ESO: @Kaeleer
Posted On: 10/29/2019 at 05:57 PM

Hello. I started ESO this past Sunday evening. I am checking out videos and guides to try to figure out what to do with this game.  I made a Dark Elf warden and have made it out of the tutorial. I Still have not figured out ESO's  "guild" system. I do not see a search feature or workable finder to pull up the Gaiscioch guild in-game. How do I get an invite for ESO? My ESO id is @Kaeleer. Just a warning, I have yet to figure out the game's "chat" either. It is not a very intuitive game for me, I guess. =)

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Draoi de na Aracos Dubh
Draoi de na Aracos Dubh
  • ESO: @Sir_Henry.Vale
Replied On: 10/31/2019 at 08:51 PM PDT
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I will send you an invite tomorrow morning.  


May the Gods forgive your sins against us, but my sword shall not!
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