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The Chronicles of Tamriel - An ESO Public Community Event Saga

Taoiseach de na Arach Glas
Taoiseach de na Arach Glas
  • GW2: Foghladha.2506
  • ESO: @Foley
Posted On: 01/21/2018 at 01:32 PM
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Chronicles of Tamriel

Chapter One
Hroldin's Legacy

From the bowels of the Black Marsh, heroes are forged. A band of strangers rallies to the call of battle to make a stand against Molag Bal, preventing the destruction of Tamriel. Legend has it, that Hroldin, the first of the Direfrosts, possessed three relics that were imbued with great power. Hroldin's sword never missed its mark and could shatter any metal. His cloak gave protection to his people, such that they would never be attacked by an outside force. His helmet brought wealth and prosperity to his people.

In his final days he tasked his bravest warriors to scatter these relics across the land. One to Skyrim, one to the Black Marsh, and one to Morrowind. His hope was that the witches he had hunted for the length of his life would never find these relics and possess their power.

Alas, years later we stand on the brink of destruction as Molag Bal tears Tamriel apart. The relics must be reunited and brought to the resting place of Hroldin in Windhelm, where the prophecy states a great king will rise from blood and battle and will become the savior of the people of Skyrim.

Our adventure begins with an unsuspecting slaver by the name of Rendrasa, who’s about to find his business turned upside down when a band of warriors frees an Argonian that stumbled on information about the location of Hroldin's Sword.

Event Overview

This 5-week adventure will feature dolmans, skyshards, world events and face off with epic creatures. Each week attendees will receive a raffle ticket which they can use on a grand prize raffle of their choice. Additionally they will automatically be entered to win the weekly and chapter raffles.

Players can participate or watch this event as it will be broadcast on and YouTube Gaming. Participants are encouraged to join the Gaiscioch Discord server for instructions, coordination and socialization.

Join the Adventure every Thursday at 6PM PDT starting April 19th, 2018.

Join the Adventure at:


Want to help contribution and earn some Contribution in the process?

We are rapidly trying to fill our loot vault of prizes for this adventure and can use your help.
The following items are available for donation credit:

Game Item Contribution Reward
Transmute Station  10,000
Aetheric Cipher  10,000
Target Centurion, Robust Refabricated  10,000
Legendary Motif  5,000
Legendary CP160 Set Equipment  2,500
Legendary Blueprint  2,500
Legendary Diagram  2,500
Legendary Formula  2,500
Legendary Praxis  2,500
Legendary Design  2,500
Epic Motif  1,000
Legendary Writ  1,000
Tempering Alloy  200
Rosin  200
Dreugh Wax  200
1,000 Gold  100
Grain Solvent  80
Mastic  80
Elegant Lining  80

Send all donations to @Foley for processing

Last Edited on: 01/21/2018 at 02:17 PM
"It's not the loot and accolades you walk away with, it's the memories and friendships that you cherish forever." - Foghladha
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Caomhnoir de na Ulchabhan Gorm
Caomhnoir de na Ulchabhan Gorm
Replied On: 01/24/2018 at 01:25 PM PST

humm interesting.  ill have to go through my bank. im sure i have plenty of stuff i could donate to this.... nice ot see you back in eso Fog

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Ridire de na Iomproidh OrĂ¡iste
Ridire de na Iomproidh OrĂ¡iste
  • ESO: @Rainingblood
Replied On: 02/07/2018 at 03:51 PM PST
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This is awesome. The game is "challenging" for the standard of recruitment that we strive for, but this will be a great way to attract some new blood while offering a fun event for current members, and really bringing something to ESO that is out of the norm.


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