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Dungeon Guide: Darkshade Caverns Normal Mode

Tiarna de na Ulchabhan Corcra
Tiarna de na Ulchabhan Corcra
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Posted On: 04/11/2015 at 09:45 AM
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The basics!:

1.  Special attacks are the red aura bash to interrupt attacks.
2.  Heavy attacks are the yellow aura block required type attacks.
3.  Ground effects will always be discussed as AOE.  I will attempt to make sure I discuss where these are placed.
4.  Shrug off refers to the ability to remove effects that stun you with both mouse buttons, just like the bash attacks.
5.  Incidental AOE is damage that affects additional targets near a main target, when the ability is part of your single target attack setup.

Head Shepherd Neloren:

She comes with a handful of Kwama.  Kill them.
She uses a fire attack, with an AOE component.  Don't bunch up after the adds are down to minimize damage.
She heals.  Some is from HoT effects, which is part of the DPS's job.  Some is from a channeled heal, which should be bashed to stop the healing.

Foreman Llothan:

He will summon waves of adds during the fight.  They should be taken down, AOE will remove them quickly.
He places toxic pools.  Get out of them.
He has a self centered AOE with knockdown.  Get out of it.

The Hive Lord:

Again, you will deal with waves of adds that should be killed with AOE.
This boss has a frontal cone attack.  The tank should face this boss away from the group.
The boss has a self-centered AOE which deals damage the longer you are in it.  Get out of it.
The boss leaps to targets.  Just let it come back to the tank (Tank may need to taunt it if taunt time is running low.)

Cavern Patriarch:

This boss is just like Netches out in the world.  Watch for the poison pool, and you will be fine.

Sentinel of Rkugamz:

The boss has a frontal cone.  Tanks should face it away from the group.
This boss will stop and rain down lightning pools.  Just keep moving until it is over, as the pools grow.  Do not stand in them.
Using a whirlwind attack, the boss chases a random player.  Run away from him, and not over other people.
Several dwemer spiders will come out at low health.  They generate a green bubble which can heal the boss.  Either avoid taking the boss to it, or kill the spiders.

Cutting Sphere (more of a mini-boss):

Comes with dwemer spiders.  AOE kill them.
Does a self-centered blade whirl.  Avoid it.

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