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Magicka Templar Healer: Invigorating Surge (4-man and Trials Set-ups)

Saighdiuir de na Sailetheach
Saighdiuir de na Sailetheach
  • ESO: @FlyB0y99
Posted On: 06/07/2016 at 11:59 AM

Hello all!  

As requested, I wanted to share my latest Mage-Plar healer build, so here it is!


Champion Points: (501 but can be done with less)

Green Tree:


67 in Magician   (Lover) *** Note *** you might switch these around for a High Elf as they already have plenty Regen in Combat, generally, I like to have at least 1800 Magicka Regen, for a rule of thumb, put 2/3 of green tree into Arcanist if you're Breton, all others might need 2/3 into Magician with the rest into Arcanist.


100 Archanist

The Shadow: Zero Points

Blue Tree:


25 Blessed (100 if Raid Healing) 10 Elf Born (67 if raid healing) 100 Elemental Expert (zero if raid healing, not focused on DPS for raiding)

The Ritual:

32 Thaumtuge (zero if raid healing)

The Atronach: (zero points)

Red Tree:

The Steed: (zero points)

The Lady: ***Note*** if after you have 30 points into the lord, very nice to have at least 120 points total for the Unchained Passive.

91 Hardy (2/3 of available points depending on weather you need more physical or spell protection otherwise reverse)

46 Elemental Defender (see above)

The Lord:

30 Quick Recovery ***Note*** very important to have 30 points in this tree to get both Field Physician and Infusion passives.



Mundus Stone: The Thief



Magicka: 36k  Recovery 2157

Health: 17.5K

Stamina: 9574

Spell Damage (DW) 2k  Spell Crit 63.6 (DW)

Spell Damage (Resto) 1.3k Spell Crit 56.6 (Resto)

Spell Resist: 16.7k

Physical Resist: 7.5k

Race: Breton (any race works, but I prefer #1 Breton #2 High Elf #3 Dark Elf for Healers)

Inspired by Deltia's Original Battery Build (5x Worm Cult, 5x Warlock), I use the following sets:

7 Light Armor (could do 1 Heavy 1 Medium with monster helm, but I prefer the bonuses of 7 Light)

5x Worm Cult (clothing Divines), 3x Transmutation (Jewelry Magicka Regen), 2x Torug's Pact (DW Swords Precise, 1 Resto Staff Precise) 2x Bogdan NightFlame Divine (Engine Guardian works well too, or any monster helm set to help you do more damage/healing in a 4-man, etc. etc.)

Alternate set with mostly crafted/ easily obtained gear:

5x Armor of the Seducer 5x Warlock (jewelry & 2 armor pieces c10 jewelry c120 clothing) 2x Torug's Pact (DW Swords)


Bar 1 (DPS/Utility bar)

Puncturing Sweep (Puncturing Strikes) / Repentance (Restoring Aura) / Luminous Shards (Spear Shards) / Breath of Life (Rushed Ceremony) / Inner Light (Mage Light) Ult: Solar Prison (Nova)

 Bar 2 (Main Healing) Channeled Focus (Rune Focus) / Extended Ritual (Cleansing Ritual) / Rapid Regen (Resto Staff Regeneration) / Breath of Life (Rushed Ceremony) / Inner Light (Mage Light) Ult: Remembrance (Rite of Passage ... be careful with this one ... very useful in the right situation, but being stuck while healing can be bad in the wrong one, I often swap this out for Meteor on Bar 1 and put Nova here)


The general idea of this build is to have tons of resources for you and your party (Worm Cult reducing our costs, Luminous Spears Giving Resources to party), Breath of Life is the back-bone for a spot heal, however the idea is to keep heals maintained constantly in the form of Extended Ritual (Templar Cleansing Ritual Morph)  and a double helping (so the HoT goes to all party members) of Rapid Regeneration (Resto Staff Regeneration morph)


For Trial Healing, replace Rapid Regen with Healing Springs (Master Resto Staff is Perfect here) and your DPS/Utility Bar is going to have 90% healing skills as you won't really be DPS'n in a Raid, Purifying Light (Backlash Morph) in place of Inner Light could work well as it will do extra healing, but mainly helps with Ultimate Regeneration, Reflective Light (Sun Fire Morph) is another good choice for the same reason, but it doesn't heal.

Many Healers also like to slot Radiant Oppression (Radiant Destruction Morph) on a DPS bar, not a terrible idea, just be careful that you're not using that with out at least a cover heal or you might let someone die while in execute phase. Same goes for Puncturing Sweep, in an easy 4-man, I will use this often in a trash pull right after Luminous Spear because I am pulling threat off of my DPS allowing them to do their job more, and adding a bit of DPS myself, I also like to throw spears out on mobs to stun the healers/archers.

If you get into trouble, you can just spam Puncturing Sweep and live through just about anything (as long as you're hitting targets that is lol, more of a trash pull save!)

Use Ultimate Skills Often!  Unless you're saving up for a Nova at just the right time during a boss fight/difficult trash pull, use it!  Ultimate that are not used do nothing for ya :)

Any comments welcome, Enjoy!





Last Edited on: 06/10/2016 at 09:26 PM
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