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SPVP Warrior GS/LB Build and Guide.

Muintir de na Faolchu
Muintir de na Faolchu
Posted On: 05/11/2015 at 10:55 PM

Hello everyone,

After playing many spvp games unranked and ranked with the warrior, I decided to share a dps build. I'm sure many folks are already bored with shoutbow and want to try something fun and different. This is a GS/LB build and I will cover the playstyle as well.

1) GS/LB Intro

2) Build

3) Playstyle


GS/LB Intro

First of all this is one of the harder warrior builds. It requires good positioning, knowing how to land a burst and when to disengage. If you're new to spvp or to the warrior profession, my advice would be to try a different build first like hambow or even shoutbow. The build in general can give you a lot of frustrating moments if you're new to the mechanics. Playstyle has to be fast-paced, like knowing what to use next before even weapon swapping, knowing how to cancel the casting of attacks when a player decides to LoS or if they are out of range and the new use of hundred blades.




Good damage with a lot of sustain which I find too awesome as a zerker and great condition removal.



As for your skill utilities you can use balanced stance instead of frenzy.


Frenzy synchronizes really well with rampage for great burst and also cuts your cast time so you don't get interrupted easily, not to mention the great cleaving you can do against downed players. A very high risk rewarding setup but you can always switch to balanced stance if you're dealing against heavy CC often.



Rampage is becoming something big now on days. You want to use frenzy+rampage most of the time here's  a good Rampage rotation for locking and bursting a target



You can also use frenzy for cleaving downed players while someone else with stability stomps. You might also want to use rampage as a defensive panic skill and disengage with it or for that extra mobility during a crucial time of the game where time can be game breaking, like a fast lord rush, but most of the time you will use it for extra burst. Another important factor is knowing on how to use hundred blades and I keep seeing many players using it the wrong way or not using it much at all here is a tip how. If a player is close enough use it, once they go out of hundred blade range simply cancel it and continue putting pressure that way you will get one or two hits from hundred blades specially if they are crippled. The importance of cancelling hundred blades and be fast at doing so when needed will drastically improve your playstyle. You want to keybind Stow/Draw weapon option under control options, it is useful for cancelling cast skills such as bladetrail and pin down. Long bow brings great utility, condition removal and great burst potential from arcing arrow and not to mention the damage from sigil of hydromancy when you weapon swap. Sigil of energy is one of the best sigils for warrior currently, not only you get an extra dodge on weapon swap but it adds up damage potential as well through the trait reckless dodge. As a warrior it's important to know how to dps by dodging if one takes this trait. For example you want to dodge right after you use a damage skill, I call this technique burst dodging. Remember don't waste your dodges learn how to use them and when. Another note whirlwind attack while being one of your main burst skills people tend to forget you can also use it for evading attacks, so know when to use it.


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