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Pve Bunker Ele build

Caomhnoir de na Iolair Buí
Caomhnoir de na Iolair Buí
Posted On: 07/30/2013 at 11:48 PM
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Here is the build I am using

Pretty much I find this build is one of the best for me so far. Personally going staff with this build has made a difference. I personally like to Dps when I am fighting someone and also for Wvw I like to Aoe. So this build works and here are some of the ways 

- Earth Elemental  is a really great Tank. ( For Skill points and veterans I find the Earth Elemental does a great job at tanking )

- The build Allows you to quickly Swich from one elemental to another. For instance if you like Fire you can use fire and then quickly go to heal and then quickly to earth follow by going back to fire ( the Times between each Element is shorter which is great )

-  I personally use the Exotic armor for Baltazr Temple with the Runes of Dwayna and that works well ( just switch the runes ). And if you want to heal just go with the armor for Lyassa for healing. Although with this build I can also Heal if needed and also Dps 

- No Longer are you Sqishy in a sense that you can take Damage and still live ( like in World vs world and World bosses. I find that I can take more dmg now and still be able to heal and remove the Conditions )

- I have tested this build out in Arah Story mode and I find that even though the bosses were hitting me ( not directing but Aoe and mobs ) I was still really hard to knock down and kill.


Feel Free to post any Comments and Questions.  And Pm me also if you want. This build for me personally works and I do not have one of the items the Cleric Jewl but besides that its pretty solid build and yes I have heard that double dagger eles could also use it. But many prefer Staff. Anyway hope this helps the Eles And enjoy !


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