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WvW Necro build

Banlaoch de na Fhiaigh Dubh
Banlaoch de na Fhiaigh Dubh
  • GW2: irishrose.9580
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Posted On: 09/07/2013 at 11:25 AM
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I've received several requests for information regarding the build I use in WvW, so I thought I would put together a breif rundown on my build. 


Armor  -     All invaders Acolyte purchased from WvW vendor at citadel wp equipped with 6 superior runes of the Dolyak.

Weapons -  Zenith Spire Staff (don't remember what it started out as, its been transmuted several times); 128 power, 128 Precision, 179 Toughness, with Superior Sigil of Bloodlust

                  Knights Axe of Restoration  with Superior Sigil of Restoration, plus Invaders dagger of Life (Superior Sigil of Life)

All weapons and armor were purchased from the WvW vendor at SOR borderlands vendors.


Durmonds Pen (Ascended) with Vital WvW Infusion

Azurite Orichalcum EArring of the Sky (Exotic) with Exquisite Charged Quartz Crystal

Hymm to the Prophets Amulet (Ascended) with Malign infusion

Royal Signet of Doric (Ascended) with Resilient Infusion

Lost Seal of Usoku (Ascended) with Mighty WvW infusion

I think the back pack started as Guild Soldier but has a Desert Rose Skin and Ruby Orb.




20  3,6

20  5,7


30  3, 10, 11


Loaf of Omnomberry Bread:  I prefer this over compote as this give +100 vitality, if im running with zergs i may use Lemon grass poultry for the reduced Cond dmg time

Potent Superior Sharpening Stone: I like this because it lasts for an hour and provideds great power boosts!


This gives me unbuffed:


Precision:  1354            Vitality:  1472              Boon Duration:  20%      Magic Find:    43%

Crit:  25%                     Health:  23932            Healing Pwr:  11             Power:  1772

Toughness:  2034          Cond Duration:  0%      Crit Damage: 34%         Attack:  2883

Armor 2954                   Cond Damage:  341     Agony: 0                       Healing pwr: 11


I equip the following skills which vary depending on the situation but these are the main ones: 

No 6 - Consume Conditions

No 7 - Signet of Locust

No 8 - Well of Corruption

No 9 - Well of Suffering

Elite - Plague


I am a high survivability build in order to be able to stay up as long as possible when commanding.  This build does decent damage, but is certainly not a glass cannon or zerker build.  Survivability is paramount for me!

I will switch off to a Scepter/Focus Build or Scepter/Dagger build on rare occasions.  I tend to stick with what I have above.


As for WvW Abilities, this is what I run now:

Defense against guards:  Maxed!  the stacks of Applied Fortitue are awesome!

Seige Bunker:   Maxed -5% damage from seige is nice

Ballista and Arrow Cart Mastery: both have three bars

Mortar and Catapult: both have 1 bar

Build and Repair Mastery: both have 2 bars

Supply Mastery:  Maxed

Treb Mastery:  4 bars, will complete this one next


I focused on Seige Bunker, Build and Repair, and Defense against guards first, now on treb. Will complete ballista and arrow after treb.



Laoch na Aracos



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