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POF Hero Challenges and Mastery Points

Draoi de na Ulchabhan Bán
Draoi de na Ulchabhan Bán
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Posted On: 09/30/2018 at 04:02 PM
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The team has run through all the masteries in Path of Fire maps twice now.  Going forward we will just be doing hero challenges.  However, if you need POF masteries just check with us in Discord, (Guildwars2 group 4) and we will make every effort to get  you taken care of. 


Hero challenges take about 2.5 hours to complete in POF.  Masteries can take a bit longer so we usually split the event into two days.


If the event dates and times don't work for you.  Let us know.  We will get with you to find one that does.   Even if I'm not in discord, Winterlight or Tpeyra will give me any messages.  Our goal is to get everyone's mastery points and everyone's hero points in POF.


Heart of Thorns...

I have not yet figured out a correct path for those maps.  If someone feels comfortable leading such an event, let us know as well and we can figure out how best to put together a group for  you.  



Mounts needed for either run are :

Skimmer with Ride the Wind

Springer with High Vault

Jackal with Shifting Sands will make it much easier.  

That said, if you don't have the ability to use sand portals, we will try to find a Mesmer to get you portalled up.



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